Instruments and Equipment

We have full range of analysis instruments to identify the value analysis based on scientific evidence.

Research Laboratory
Fluorescent X-ray Spectrometer
Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

A&H Japan practices the most optimum and effective recovery treatment carefully on the individual raw materials of precious metals, rare metals from our customers.

ICP Atomic Emission Spectrometer

We perform our business activities under our corporate policy that it is obligation for the firms engaging in environment through precious metals, rare metals recovery business to apply adequate control of the recovery process for precious metals, rare metals and continuous review of each recovery process to reduce the environmental load.

Dust Chamber

We introduce the environmental disposal equipment to maintain our working environment in comfortable.

Precision Metals Recovery Line

We challenge to reduce the amounts of the wasted gas emission and the industrial waste through review and optimization of each recovery process.

Electrolysis Apparatus
Head Office
Conference Room