Business Guide

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A&H Japan has been dealing with many customers in various industries as the separation, recovery and refining expert for precious metals, rare metals.[Electronic Components, Semi-conductor Industries][Plating Industry][Automobile Industry][Non-ferrous Metals Wholesalers Industry][Chemical Catalyst Industry][Liquid Crystal Industry]

Business Lines


Separation and recovery from scraps and liquid containing precious metals (such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium) and rare metals (such as indium)


Sales of rare metals (such as indium) and various chemical products


Design, manufacture, sales of precious metals recovery equipment (Electrolytic recovery equipment, ion exchange resins, activated carbon and others)

Project Proposal

Design, promotion of recycling of industrial waste water (such as condensation and separation) and design of calcination treatment

Indium Ingot

High recovery ratio and low treatment costs

A&H Japan has been contributing to manufacturing costs reduction of our customers by providing the customers with high recovery ratio and the optimum treatment for the items through our own process control and analysis accuracy.
From the items of wide variety in small lot size to mass-production items, we can apply suitable recovery equipment according to the various situations of the items. We have been providing the customers with excellent services under our motto "More carefully and shorter delivery time".

Flow of transactions

Our sales staffs offer our customers the optimum effective recovery scheme according to the state and condition of the items to be recovered.
We also provide our customers with quotation for recovery costs based on the sample material supplied. Please feel free in contacting us.

Receipt of Goods (Pick-up, Carry-on)→Check and Weigh-in of the Goods→Separation, Recovery and Refining (at our own plant)→Report of Receiving Inspection→Payment (Pay back by bare metals)

The recovered bare metals are settled by various methods such as purchasing, returning and others.

Challenge to items having difficulty in treatment - R&D

Along with the advancing technologies of electronic components and semi-conductor, the precious metals, rare metals to be used have become more complicated and more compositely. To reply to the various requirements from the customers for such as separation, recovery and refining of the precious metals, rare metals from the items having difficulty in treatment or the composite items and the effective applications of the base materials, A&H Japan has been enhancing positively research and development and devoting itself to the development of the recovery technology in future generations.
With reference to consultation from the customers for the items having difficulty in treatment, we have been treating it by keeping the confidential information of the test specimens in secret strictly and handling it speedy under the collaboration of our sales division and R&D division.
To reply to various needs for recovery from the customers, we will devote ourselves to performance of God-given business with our spirits as R&D-led company.

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